The Elbe; fast current, spectacular walking, flooding

Ruda crossed over the Elbe on the world’s longest canal bridge before descending via an 18m high lock to the swirly, brown, turbulent waters of the Elbe itself.


The Navigation Department had heard tales of currents up to 6km/h during high water but Ruda battled currents up to 11km/h for the next 7 long days of navigation to do the 348km to the Czech border.  With such uncharacterically high water at this stage in the season moorings were few and far between (either under water or pontoons not put out yet) so stops were dictated by hours of daylight rather than a tourist itinerary. However the crew did manage to explore the newly reconstructed skyline of Dresden and the porcelain of Meissen on the way to an extended stop in Saxon Switzerland.  Ruda found herself a perfect home for a couple of weeks in the Postelwitz Yacht Club while the crew spent day after day climbing, hiking and marvelling at the extraordinary sandstone scenery.

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